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Selling Basics You Should Know!

From 'How Much Is Your Home Worth?' to 'How Do I Close The Sell of My Home?'

Check out helpful tips below to help you with your selling experience!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS - Curb Appeal and A Welcoming Front Door, many buyers determine a homes desirability in the first 5 seconds and will either continue to explore or move on to the next home on their list.

UNIVERSAL CHARM - Airy, well lit spaces with natural light are primarily desirable. Neutral colors with a pop of whimsy and color add character and a splash of fun. Fresh Neutral Paint, Clutter free, Depersonalized and Clean areas feel comfortable and allow buyers to imagine living in the space.

STAGING - Buyers may not be able to imagine what to do with empty spaces. Design areas to show off how rooms can be used.

DON'T FORGET THE 5 SENSES - visual and touch of light and texture, music to your ears, the delightful smell and taste of holidays.

MARKETING - Strategies that help your home sell quicker. Comparing the right homes to yours and finding the most accurate price to list your home for sell. Getting the messages out to buyers who are interested in your home.

PROPER DOCUMENTS, negotiation, your protection, reports, appraisal, time lines, buyers loan process, inspections, escrow and title transfer - This can be overwhelming for most sellers.

All This So You Can MOVING ON to your next phase of life ....

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